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Snowmobile Coverage Information

Protect your investment and winter toy! Our programs have a veritable blizzard of options at a very reasonable and affordable price!

Sleds- We have coverages available for all major brands.  Larger engine sizes are acceptable for two-up and touring sleds.

Riders- Young riders(12-17) are qualified  if they have completed a snowmobile safety course. Ages 17 and up are also qualified  with valid driver's licenseor permit.

    Liability (single limit)- up to $300,000 available.
    Medical Payments - up to $10,000 available
    Uninsured motorist/ under-insured motorist coverage- up to limit of liability
    Physical damage - packaged with liability, convenient deductible options
    Trailer- Physical damage

Unique Coverages-
  • Replacement Cost Option- Available on new sleds, pays replacement cost without depreciation on a total loss
  • Emergency Services available, up to $500 toward trail side assistance or lodging expense at place of breakdown, for towing or extraction of covered snowmobile or trailer
  • Accessory Coverage available on either a Blanket or Scheduled basis.  The deductible is waived if the loss also involves damage or theft of the snowmobile.
Highly competitive rates and discounts!!!

You have the sled, you have the gear.  Now get the coverage!!!

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